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Colorado Divorce Angels

Colorado Divorce Angels

Divorce Property Specialist in Boulder and Denver

The Mission of Colorado Divorce Angels comes from a place of compassion and an understanding of how difficult this process can be. Our goal is to offer a free assessment and evaluation of each individuals situation. From there we can help determine a direction and get you with the right professionals that have our same sense of appreciation for the challenge and sensitivity of the road ahead. It does get easier and it starts with letting us help you.


Colorado Divorce Angels is the first step on your path to tomorrow. With so many questions and so much to do, the challenges of this journey become a little overwhelming. Once you and your spouse have made the decision to move past your marriage, the checklist is just more than our emotions and minds can tackle alone. Solutions, Support, Counseling and Help are what we offer from our group. We are a team of professional Counselors and Advisors (both legal and financial) with solutions to help resolve the difficult tasks of the division of assets. Whether you’ve decided on the path of mediation or separate legal counsel, we help you with having a neutral approach to evaluating your current assets. We can help you sell your home, refinance or come up with other alternatives. Your home as a family or couple is probably your largest investment both emotionally and financially and we want to help you in your process of moving on. Contact us, we’ll listen.

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